Nebo Buhin

Nebo Buhin - guitar

Nebojša Buhin Nebo has released 5 solo instrumental albums combining pop-rock music with blues and jazz and 3 collaborative albums. More...

Mario Rašić

Mario Rašić - bass

Mario Rašić has recorded more than 20 studio albums with various artists, and in 2019 he received the "Porin" award. More...

Damir Šomen

Damir Šomen - drums

Damir Šomen has recorded and played live with almost all the most eminent stars in the region. More...



Bassist Mario Rašić and guitarist Nebojša Buhin joined forces for the first time on the album AFTERSHOCK (Croatia Records, 2018) The idea of Mario Rašić - author and Porin award-winning producer - rooted in ethno fusion and veteran of the rock scene (Mothers & Bare) was complemented by Buhin, known by his Porin award-winning instrumental albums. First album is hard to limit in terms of genre, moving in the field of ethno jazz, blues and soundtrack music. The album was nominated for the PORIN discography award in 2019 in the "best instrumental album" category.

The successor to this album has been recorded and is awaiting release.

From the electric performances of various band members, the duo crystallized, which eventually took the name - Aftershock - and which performs original songs recorded on the album as well as original compositions by Mario Rašić from his solo albums.

The duo Rašić & Buhin was recently completed by drummer par excellence Damir Šomen. The AFS trio now enjoys live performances and recording new material.

Bjelovar live


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